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Roses at Janice’s house this weekend…

January 3, 2010

This weekend I spent a bit of time at Janice's house.  She was working on these roses…  They are made from the funky thick and stinky paper stuff…  We traced a flower shape on this material, cut it out, sprayed it with pearl-x powder, heat dried it, shaped it and wha'la, it's done.  Okay, the process was a bit more than that, but not as labor intensive as I originally thought.  Okay, my fingers got dirty.  If you know me…  fingers dirty are one thing I don't do well…  Anyhow, it came out really cool.  My next step is to bling it…  glitter, chunky glitter and more.  I will do the blinging this week. 

Thank you Janice for getting the materials (she found the project on Tim Holtz's website – for this cool project… thanks for having everything there and sharing the project with all of us at your place!!!  : )

Jrr rose top
Jrr rose side

Happy Stampin,



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