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4 Season’s Girls Spring Project – Three Little Words

January 4, 2010

I have the pleasure of playing stamps with the 4 Seasons Girls every few months.  We have a great set up where the girls find projects (cards usually) they'd like to make (usually 6-8 cards each) and they send them my way.  I make the one of the cards myself, note all the needed materials and we get together and make one of the cards.  They get together later and make the remaining cards.  Since they are getting so good at card making, lately we have been getting together and making the monthly projects and I leave behind their group project.  I love their set up! 

So, below is one of their selected cards…  I liked it at first sight, but now that I've made it myself, I love it! They will be making this one using the Soft Subtles paper pack.  Pretty, huh?

4 seasons 3 little words project closed 

4 seasons 3 little words project open



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