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Old as dirt

October 1, 2010

Katrina gifted me with this classic Stampin Up Stamp set!  She was looking thru her sets to sell and ran across this set.  As the set was about to
find a new home in the garbage can, she thought of me and knew how I'd treasure the stamp set.

The moment I set my eyes on this set I knew the words that came to me wouldn't be adequate or descriptive enough to express my appreciation. Photos probably are more meaningful here:

Dirt box

Did you know SU used to offer foam blocks only.  Then SU offered a choice of foam or wood.  Now SU offers wood or clear.  What's next?

Notice the incredible patina on the coated paper labels?  (… perhaps that is the adhesive aging…  beautiful, huh?)
Dirt box close

Oh, problem, the labels kinda fell off the foam…

Dirt curly 1

Oh, another problem, the foam curls (the notice how well the rubber stays with the foam? … now that is some good tried/true adhesive!).
Dirt curly 3

Ack-hum, so, the rubber curls right along with the foam…  BUT, the rubber is still rubbery and ready to stamp!!!!
Dirt curly 2

Because this set was sooo treasured and special, I thought Shellie would love this.  I contacted SU's head office and asked if I could send Shellie a gift.  They promptly replied back saying that I should treasure this set -or-give it to someone very special to me.  They did say thank you…  I was hoping to pass on the love…  (pouty lower lip going on here…)

What's a girl to do?  HA KNOW!

Katrina – thank you very, very much for sharing this treasure with me. I'll keep it forever!

Happy Stampin!


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