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The little project that became a huge project! … my SU card holder

December 23, 2009

Okay… have you ever woke up one Saturday morning and as you comfortably drifted in and out of sleep, ya came up with grand ideas of all the things you'd do on your weekend.  Gosh, there are 2 full days ahead and it's time to get busy and productive.  Have you been there? 

This is my grand idea – a nice way to display my Christmas cards, rather than tape onto the door molding.  Gosh, how long could it take to stitch a few mini binder clips onto a ribbon?  I pulled out my sewing maching (to sew the 2 ribbons together)… that was broke.  It's in the shop for a tune up now.  Okay, did I really need that thing anyhow?  I'm just gonna hand sew on those little clips.  (we won't factor in the time it took to order the clips.)  I sat down with the ribbon, thread and clips.  Whoops, measure how long to cut the ribbon.  (pull out the mini ladder.)  Okay, I'm busy sewing those suckers on.  Hum, it takes a bit to securely attach each one.  I'm going to make this thing right… I'll keep it FOREVER!  Okay, this isn't fun… but it will be worth it.  One evening past and I have just the top section… darn it, I stitched them on sideways, you now the long verticle direction…  ahhh, rip out and sew again… ahhh!  Well, at least I know what I'm doing now.  At least I will hang that piece and get a few cards up.  Sheesh, nail in the frame… 'Honey'!???  Gosh, a soon to be retired honey is quite ready & willing (like that).  He decided the nails should go on the outside of the frame caz I made my ribbon too long.  Okay, I'll be flexible… it does look better stretched a bit further.  Duh, need a hang it type hardware… some type of loop.  The next day I marched into Michaels and picked up some of those jewelery making loops/bar thingies for a necklace closure… perfect!  Sewed one on each side.  Ahh…  1/3 up!  looks good…  An entire week later, here it is. 

I'd like to ask you if you like it, but to be honest, I'm not sure comments will change anything – okay, it's there to stay.  I was thinking I'd make a few as gifts – I purchased extra supplies…  NOT! 



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