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My favorite place in the world… My Stampin Room!

April 28, 2010

They say your home is where your stuff is…  The photos below are ME! 

Every single spare minute of every single day is spent right here… To me, this is my everything room… when the day is a tough day, the answer is my stampin room.  I’m always successful there!  This room has sooo much potential to make things beyond my imagination.  This room is where I make things that are dreams are made from (yep, 2am thoughts/shower brilliant inspirations/magazine articles/dresses on women standing in line at the grocery store/tissue boxes)! 

Quite a few friends have asked how I organize my stamp sets/inks/papers/space.  I would rather share in person… but that doesn’t always happen.  I love to check out other stampers work area (you should see Momma’s room).  SO, I was on a spring cleaning mission Sunday and took these photos (Wanda was on this same mission… love her room too.  Check her out at  

So, here’s my tour:

The cleaning mission began with Saturday’s ShoeBox event.  I provided new file folders and labels for all the new colors.  Since I had all these folders ready to roll, I thought I’d pull out all the soon to be ‘old’ colors and set them off to the side.  If they are sitting there glaring at me, I’ll make sure to use them… right? 

WOW (whaaaa), talk about lots of paper!  (yep, I’m on my tippy toes).  Gee wiz, how am I supposed to go thru this much paper by July 1st?   

Wm room retiring paper is tall_edited-1

Room retiring paper stack

I have the paper by color families (Bolds/Neutrals in the top drawer, Regals/Subtles in the bottom drawer – yep, alphabetized).

Room 4 color groups w new colors

Room 4 color groups with new files

Room brights

Room neutrals
All the other papers (confetti, vellum, overflow of basics, window
sheets) go in this cabinet:

Wm room neutral paper drawer_edited-1

You can see a corner of my desk, and the corner of my paper…  a few extra catalogs and tools… 

Wm room stamps hiding_edited-1 

Now that we have clear stamps… need those clear blocks.  Our monthly parties require quite a few blocks… yeah, kinda excessive, huh?  (oh, the other half are in my case ready for our play date!)

Wm room clear blocks_edited-1

This photo looks like drawers… BUT, it’s soooo much more!  The top drawer is where I put my pieces of card stock when working on projects.  Behind the pieces, in the far back corner is my plugged in heat tool.  Off to the right are card ideas I can’t wait to share with you.  See how tightly packed that side is?  It’s kinda hard to tell how deep those drawers are, but that stack goes WAY back.  

Wm room stamp sets 1_edited-1

The second drawer is smaller stamp sets (alpha of course) and medium size sets.  Notice the few new clear mount sets… look how perfectly they fit into that drawer!  OMG, I can only imagine once I get ALL clear sets!!!  Storage heaven!  There is a bit of extra room between the rows of stamp sets… I put boxes of sponges and boxes of daubers (by color group) as dividers.

The third/bottom  drawer holds the larger stamp sets.. the cord is for my ‘day lite’ light (love that thing!).

Wm room drawers_edited-1

Wm room desk side_edited-1 

Gotta love that day lite light…  next to my chair is my travel bag that serves as a mini side table for wipes… Oh, my cell phone to text all day long…  a coaster for my non stop morning coffee or soda, the little supply organizer that comes with me everywhere…

Wm room desk front_edited-1

Ah, inside the drawers…  the file folder drawer holds white, vanilla and black paper.

The middle drawer is always full of mono adhesive refills, shimmery paint and my hand stamped by stamps – and scrap/scratch paper (all the left over SU promos and our monthly cheat sheets).

The little drawer closest is for pokie, paper clips, reinkers and glue dots. There’s a drawer under this little mini drawer that holds card stock cut in 1/2 for quick single cards, or a good variety of SU colored paper (in case it isn’t in my paper piece drawer).  It also holds the paper piecing template and foam mat and stickies for thank you notes.

Wm room desk_edited-1

This is where I keep the monthly projects.  Those little accessory organizers work perfectly for me too…  love them1 

Wm room upcoming monthly projects and accessory storage_edited-1

This is where I store my stamp pads.  I have two of these (one for the base colors) and the back one for craft pads, metallic pads, versa mark and misc pads.  Above that is the grid paper … and baggies (they are kinda hiding right now).  I use that little dish my the kids photos alll the time too.  That is for rubber bands.  I use those for gathering the paper before it goes into the boxes.

Wm room ink pads and grid paper_edited-1

You might be asking why I didn’t show you inside a few other cabinets.  There is an answer…  it’s a mess!  Outside my little room is another antique chest.  This chest holds all kinds of extra stuff (big shot dies and stuff)…  Off to the side my our computer… the chair is usually put off into the corner and the doors closed… I love having the computer there… I can watch for email to come in AND I can turn on satelite radio and listen to stuff all day!  I keep envelopes in there too…

Wm chest front

This is where I keep all my punches…  just imagine only the new style punches… again, what a relief for storage!

Wm chest punch drawer

Accessories…  yummy!

Wm chest acccessory drawer

Ribbons… hum, mess..  underneath the mess it’s neat…  (I’m not going
to open the other drawers!).  Gosh, this antique looks a bit rough in
all these photos…  It sure works well…

Wm chest ribbon marker drawers

There you go… 

Happy Stampin!


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