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Convention… here I come!

August 4, 2009

Tomorrow morning I hop on a flight…  off to convention.  Last night I almost finished up my swaps, put them into little clear plastic sleeves and included a note with my contact info.  They look SO good.  I was thinking about taking a picture of them laying out on the dining room table, but I’ve already had enough comments about being a stampin machine (that photo would confirm it). 

Each year, Momma & I share a hotel room, the same convention agenda, same bathroom, meals together.  It’s a wonderful thing!  We also try to pick up a little special gift for each other before convention and spring it on each other during our time.  I would let you in on my gift to her, but she might read my blog and the surprise will be gone.  SO, once she opens her gift, I’ll take a picture of us (yep, the two of us together… we’ll be kinda matchy) and our matching ‘thing’. 

I’m sure convention will be filled with lots of info on all the new SU products in the mini catalog.  If they focused on the mini catalog alone, they could fill up those 3 days.  I’m sure they’ll announce something exciting, just like they do every year! 

Can you imagine a convention center FILLed with stampin girls?  Oh, the swapping… it starts at the airport… imagine standing in security line and being surrounded by stampers holding out their swap card (squeal… squirm)!  Then there’s the Salt Lake City airport… all those women waiting for their luggage swapping, then there’s the shuttle, then there’s the hotel lobby, and the nearby restaurants… AND the street corners!  AND I haven’t even made it to the convention center yet!  OMG!  Will there be enough swaps to go around?  Probably not… maybe I need to stay up all night and make more!!! 

Okay, I need to get a grip…  I’ll pack tomorrow morning (stampin tonight w/4 Seasons Stampers).  I’m gonna bring just a carry on – Delta charges for each piece of luggage.  Waz’up wit dat??

I’ll send messages and photos over the next few days.

Happy Dance… happy dance…


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