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Garage Sale… and Craft Fair, here I come!

March 1, 2010

Garage sale prep

Every year I'm gratefully invited to Karen Newton's Stampin Up Garage Sale.  This year's date is May 15th!  Mark your calendars.  More information will follow.

You'd think that I just put stuff in boxes and arrive… NOT!  Everything needs to be priced with removable stickers.  I feel the need to inventory everything in advance too.  AND, since I'm inventorying the boxes, I really should go thru my current drawer and confirm that everything in there really is current (or should sets be in THAT pile?).  We won't go into the sets that were in the mini catalog that might make it into the next big catalog…  (not current = can be sold… BUT, if it is good enough to make it, I definitely don't want to let it go… ahhkkkk). If you would like to see my inventory list to have first chance at the pre-sale items, let me know.  I'd much rather carry one or two sets individually to you compared to hauling boxes!  : )

Then there's craft fairs.  Health Net will be having a craft fair April 2nd.  All of our monthly project extras are completed and brought to craft fairs.  I use the clear envelopes and insert a card and envelope… ready to go.  I'd like to attend more craft fairs this year (hey, that's my 2010 goal!).  Last year it seems many opportunities didn't come my way regarding craft fairs.  I need to do some homework and find them!  Tony said he's like to do this with me, now that he's retired.  Wha hoo!  It was his idea.  When he suggested that… I knew I would be lovin his retirement! 

Guess what I've been doing all weekend? 

The following dates have been set for pre-garage sale:

4 Seasons – Tues, 3/2 pm – Sat, 3/6 mid

Ducks -Tues, 3/9 am – Wed, 3/10 pm

VSP -Truck Sale during lunch Wed 3/17 11:30-1p

Folsom – ?

Let me know if you can't make your group's date, I'll provide info for another group's pre sale.

Happy Stampin,


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