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Electronic Garage Sale… just the way us stampers like it… (clear sets)

February 23, 2013

This is a continuation of yesterday's post. 

SALE!!!   SALE!!!   SALE!!!

We have organized the sets into two groups (clear and not mounted yet, but in a clear case***)  and noted the set's condition.  Keep in mind that SU rubber doesn't age…  no matter how well loved, it stamps just as perfect as the first time it was used (many times better with age).  Today's blog post includes only clear stamp sets. 

CODE: nu=never used, uo=used once, gu-gently used, loved=my favorite

The following stamp sets are ready to find a new home. 

 A Slice of Lifenu10
 A Slice of Lifeused10
 Aint Love Granduo8
 Always Elegantuo8
 Apple Blossomsnu15
 Array of Sunshineuo5
 Autumn Splendorused15
 Awash With Flowersnew15
 Awash With Flowersused14
 Best Friends Foreveruo10
 Best Friends Foreveruo10
 Birthday Bakerynew8
 Birthday Bakerynu8
 Blessed Mothernew8
 Blessed Motheruo8
 Clearly For Youused15
 Cottage Gardenuo10
 Dark & Drearyused10
 Day Dream Medalionsnew20
 Dear Santagu8
 Dear Santanu8
 Faith In Naturenew8
 Fifth Avenue Floralused25
 Filled with Loveused10
 Flower Festnew15
 SOLD-Frame Ituo10
 Fresh Vintagenew7
 Fresh Vintagenew7
 Friends Never Fadeuo8
 Friends Never Fadeused8
 Friends Never Fadenew8
 SOLD-Full of Lifeused20
 Gift Giversnew15
 Gifts of Christmasused10
 Growing Greennew10
 Happiest Birthday Wishes`uo15
 Happiness Sharedused10
 Happy Greetingsnu15
 Have A Seatgu8
 Hodgepodge Happinessnew5
 Holiday Happinessnu8
 SOLD-I (heart) Heartsuo10
 I (heart) Heartsuo15
 Jolly Old Saint Nicknu10
 Merry Winternu10
 More Monkey Accessoriesnu10
 Northern Heartsuo15
 On The Growuo5
 Outlined Occasionsnew7
 Outlined Occasionsnu10
 Paisley Petalsuo15
 Paisley Printsnu8
 Party This Wayuo5
 Pedaling Pastuo15
 Pines & Pointeseeiasnu10
 Playful Piecesuo15
 SOLD-Precious Butterfliesnew15
 Precious Butterfliesnew15
 SOLD-PS I Love Younew15
 Send Me Soaringnew10
 Sentimental Journeyuo10
 Sentimental Journeyuo10
 Serene Snowflakesused15
 SOLD-Silhouette Sentimentsnu10
 Simply Softuo15
 Simply Softnew15
 Spencerian Alphabet Uppernew20
 Stitched Stockingsnu10
 Strength & Hopeused 15
 Style Beautifulgu10
 Sweet Scoopsnew15
 Sweet Summernu10
 Sweet Summernew5
 SOLD-Take it to Heartnu15
 Timeless Treasuresnew15
 Touch of Kindnessnu10
 Trendy Treesused10
 Tropical Partyuo10
 Unchartered Territorynew10
 Valentine Lovenew10
 Valentine Lovenu10
 Vintage Vogueuo15
 Warmest of Wishesuo10
 Welcome Christmasused15
 With All My Heartnu10
 You're A Gemgu10
in clear case, not on foam  
 SOLD-Autumn Daysused10
 Christmas Greetingsused8
 Crazy for Cupcakesused15
 Extreme Elementsused15
 Falling Leavesused15
 SOLD-Flight of the Butterflyuo20
 SOLD-For All You Douo15
 Gods Blessingsuo20
 Greatful Greetingsused25
 Greenhouse Gardenused20
 Herb Expressionsnu20
 Loads of Funused15
 Many Merry Messages used20
 Natures Nestused15
 Natures Silhouettesused15
 SOLD-On Your Birthdayused15
 Pendant Parkused10
 Plant Hopeused10
 Pocket Sillhouettesused10
 Smarty Pantsused10
 Sweet Seasonuo10
 Thank You Kindlyused7
 Tree Trimmingsused10
 Under the Starsuo15
 Upsy Daisyused10

The stamp sets listed are first come/first serve.  Send me an email and let me know what sets you'd like.  If you live near by, I'll deliver it to you the next time we stamp together.  If you live far away and mailing is required, the listed price does not include postage.  (Most single stamp sets will fit in a priority mail flat rate envelope which is $5.60.)  Stamp sets will be mailed after payment is received. 

***I'm not a 'sales pitch' type gal – but if you have lots of wood sets, I have a GREAT idea.  I took all my loved wood sets, pulled the rubber off (yeiks you might say) and put them in a new clear stamp set box (sold in the big catalog along with the foam).  The rubber is just sitting in the clear case.  When I wanted to use one of these sets, I'd mount the rubber on SU foam for immediate use.  BENEFIT, my four stacks of 5 foot tall wood stamps were all on TWO book shelves and perfectly organized in clear cases!  Let me know if you are interested in doing this… I'd love to help out!  That was a beautiful moment!!!

Happy Stampin,



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