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Electronic Garage Sale… just the way us stampers like it… (wood sets)

February 22, 2013

SO…  I'm a Stampin Up obsessed girl! 

SO…  I've purchased just about every stamp set I 'just might' use. 

SO… the stamp sets are loved (lol… many times not even used) then retire : (

Okay… so Momma is the same way.  Do you see where this might get us into a situation with storage?  … image 13 years of this behavior… 

What does this mean to YOU?  SALE!!!   SALE!!!   SALE!!!

We have organized the sets by box size and noted the set's condition.  Keep in mind that SU rubber doesn't age…  no matter how well loved, it stamps just as perfect as the first time it was used (many times better with age).  Today's blog post includes only wood stamp sets. 

CODE: nu=never used, uo=used once, gu-gently used, loved=my favorite

The following stamp sets are ready to find a new home. 


Big BG Stamps   
 Antique Lacewuo10
 bella Toilewnu10
 bella Toilewuo10
 Big Blossomwnu10
 Dotted Springwnu10
 Flower Friendwnu10
 French Filigreewuo10
 Just Jeanswnu10


Extra Extra Small Box   
 Flowers in Silhouettewnu3
 Hello Blossomswnu3
 It's Your Daywuo3
 Little Flowers wwgu3
 SOLD-Live, Laugh, Lovewgu3
 Mini Alpha and Numberwuo8
 Simple Snowflakewuo3
 So Many Thankswnu3
Extra Small Box   
 A Flower for All Seasonswgu5
 Art By Designwgu5
 Background Basicswgu5
 Bella's Blossomwgu5
 Birthday Blisswuo5
 Burst into Bloomwnu5
 Fine Flourishwnew5
 Good Thingswgu5
 Happy Togetherwnew7
 Hello Againwnu5
 Hello, Youwgu3
 SOLD-Holiday Bestwnew5
 Holiday Happinesswnu5
 Live, Laugh, Lovewgu3
 Mini Medleyswnu7
 Ornate Blossomwnu5
 Thank You Kindlywgu5
 Things I Lovewgu5
Small Box    
 A Slice of Lifewnew10
 Autumn Harvestwnu10
 Beary Best Friendswuo10
 Beary Nice Wisheswuo10
 Berry Christmaswuo10
 Bird on a  Branchwgu10
 Boho Backgroundswuo10
 Dreams du Jourwuo10
 Eastern Bloomswnu10
 Eastern Influenceswused10
 Faith in Naturewnew8
 Falling Leaveswgu10
 SOLD-Fresh Cutswused10
 Fun Phraseswuo10
 Gifts of Christmaswuo10
 Gifts of Joywloved10
 Great Friendwuo10
 SOLD-Hard to Saywnu10
 Hearts & Cloverswgu8
 Holliday Collectionwnu10
 Home For Christmaswnu10
 Home is Where the Haunt Iswloved10
 SOLD-Hope Happenswuo10
 House of Haunt (missing Happy Halloween)wloved10
 Let The Fun Beginwuo10
 Never Ending Joywuo10
 One of A Kindwuo10
 Paint Printswuo8
 Patterned Pineswuo10
 Serene Snowflakewused10
 Smarty Pantswuo10
 Sparkly & Brightwuo10
 Sweet Stemswuo10
 Swirls & Curls Versuswnu10
 The Fine Printwuo10
 Think Happy Thoughtswuo8
 Thinking of Fatherwused10
 Three Little Wordswuo10
 SOLD-Upsy Daisywloved10
Medium Box   
  For All You Downu15
 A Beautiful Thingwuo10
 A Kind Wordwuo15
 A New Little Someonewnu15
 Aint Love Grandwnew15
 Baroque Motifswnu20
 Be Happy wu10
 Be Happy wuo15
 SOLD-Big on Christmaswu15
 Boho Backgroundswuo10
 SOLD-Circle Circuswnu15
 Contempo Alphabetwuo15
 Faith in Naturewnew8
 Faith in Naturewnew10
 Favorite Thingswnu15
 SOLD-Fifth Avenue Floralwgu20
 Fundamental Phraseswnu15
 Garden Blockswnu15
 Grand Soireewloved15
 SOLD-Greenhouse Gardenwgu15
 Happy Momentswnew10
 Inspired by Naturewu15
 Just Buzzin Bywnew15
 Kindred Spiritswwl15
 Le Jardin Botaniquewuo15
 Liberty For Allwu15
 Loads of Love Accessorieswgu10
 Love & Carewnew15
 Love You Muchwuo15
 Matchbox Messageswu15
 Oval Allwnew10
`Painted Posieswnu10
 Pendant Parkwu15
 Perfect Wordswnew10
 Petal Pusherswgu7
 Pick a Petalwuo15
 Pick a Petalwuo15
 Please Comewuo15
 Poetry in Motionwnu15
*Polka Dots & Paisleywnu10
 Polka Dots & Paisleywuo10
 Polka Dots & Paisley wloved15
 Razzle Dazzlewgu10
 Scandinavian Seasonwu15
 Sense of Timewu15
 Shore Thingwu15
 Simple Sayings IIwuo10
 Simply Summerwu15
 Sparkling Sayingswnu15
 Sweet Celebrationswuo15
 Swell Newswnu10
 Taggers Dozenwuo10
 True Friendwuo15
 Vintage Labelswnew8
 Wedding Sweetwuo15
 Wonderful Favoriteswnu15
 Wonderful Woodcutswnu10


Large Box   
 All in the Familywnu20
 All in the Familywnew25
 Asian Artstrywgu20
 Early Springwgu20
 Everyday Celebrationswuo20
 Everyday Flexible Phraseswuo20
 Flower Fancywuo20
 From the Kitchen ofwnu20
 Jayne's Type Alphabetwnu20
 Jumbo Incentives IIwnu15
 Jumbo Outline Alphabetwnu20
 Long Fellowswnew15
 Monogram Sweetwuo20
 Nature Sketchbookwgu20
 On Gossamar Wingswgu20
 Perfect Matchwnew20
 SOLD-Precious Butterflieswnew15
 Schoolbook Serif Alphabetwnu20
 Shapes & Shadowswuo8
 Shapes & Shadowswuo8
 SOLD-Simply Softwnew15
 Stipple Celebrationwgu8
 Sweet Centerswnu20
 Teeny Tiny Wishes (spanish)wuo20
 The Shape of Thingswgu20
 What's for Dinnerwnew20


Extra Large Box   
 Defining Alphabetwnu25
 Defining Alphabetwnu25
 Flora & Faunawuo20
 Headline Alphabetwnu25
 Taffy Alphabetwnu25
 Wild Rosewuo25
 Wild Rosewuo25

The stamp sets listed are first come/first serve.  Send me an email and let me know what sets you'd like.  If you live near by, I'll deliver it to you the next time we stamp together.  If you live far away and mailing is required, the listed price does not include postage.  (Most single stamp sets will fit in a priority mail flat rate envelope which is $5.60.)  Stamp sets will be mailed after payment is received. 

Happy Stampin,



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