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Electronic Garage Sale… just the way us stampers like it… (wheels)

February 24, 2013

This is a continuation of yesterday's post. 

SALE!!!   SALE!!!   SALE!!!

We have organized the wheels by wheel size and noted the wheel's condition.  Keep in mind that SU rubber doesn't age…  no matter how well loved, it stamps just as perfect as the first time it was used (many times better with age).  Today's blog post includes only wheels. 

CODE: nu=never used, uo=used once, gu-gently used, loved=my favorite

The following wheels are ready to find a new home.  

 Fall Harvestnew3
 Paisley Partynew3
 Retro Remixnu3
 Sandy Shellsnew3
 Time For A Treeused3
case for Jumbo 3

The wheels listed are first come/first serve.  Send me an email and let me know what wheels you'd like.  If you live near by, I'll deliver it to you the next time we stamp together.  If you live far away and mailing is required, the listed price does not include postage.  (Most small items will fit in a priority mail flat rate envelope which is $5.60.)  Items will be mailed after payment is received. 

 Happy Stampin,



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