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Stampin with Mary

August 16, 2012

This is Mary! 

Mary is visiting Aunt Becky on summer break for a few weeks.  Becky is a regular stamper and wanted to bring Mary to one of our monthly parties.  What a treat!  (thank you Becky)

Mary hadn't stamped before so everything was new.  She did great!  The first project she followed the samples… the 2nd project – well, she's a natural artist!  (hum, I should have captured a photo of that card!)  She took the materials home to Aunt Becky's home to finish up later using Becky's supplies.  I can only imagine what she created. 

Later in the week Becky and Mary stopped by with Mary's creation (Becky helped just a bit!) and they are awesome! 


Mary 1

Mary 2

Mary 3

WOW!  I'm so proud of both Mary and Becky!  : )  I'm sure they both had an awesome time too! 

Happy Stampin,



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