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Girlfriend’s Weekend… we’re home! (Kathy’s and Janice’s)

November 12, 2010

Each year, we anticipate going to Momma's for Girlfriends Weekend.  We seem to have our trip early October.  This year was just as wonderful as all the other years…

Here are the projects we made as part of ShoeBox.

Kathy's love birds.  The designer paper is the key here…  it's great to be able to see both the front and back with this project.

OR Kathy all 
OR Kathy close 

Janice's fall tri fold.  We all complained a bit about the cutting (and coloring), but now all that pain is behind us and I just admire and
appreciate the final project.  JRR, it really is awesome!

 OR JRR all


OR JRR front 
OR JRR side 

Happy Stampin!



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