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Girlfriends Weekend… a few projects to share (Michelle’s and mine)

November 14, 2010

Here are a few more projects from Girlfriends weekend…

Michelle's flowers –  While at Crafters Warehouse (in Salem), I found these little jewels (kinda plastic thingy-ma-doos) and picked up a bunch (Fonda Jo & I shared 2 different colors… we knew we'd do something fun with them!).  I haven't touched them since.  BUT, Michelle made this darling card using them to their full potential.  Gosh, I could put them on every/any flower center…  It's a nice card, huh?

 OR Michelle all
OR Michelle close 

Here's my shoebox project to share with the girls… I love this color combo…

Girlfriends weekend away

Girlfriends weekend close

Happy Stampin!



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