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The Never Ending Card

November 12, 2010

So Janet sent me this tutorial about making a 'never ending' card.  Janet received the tutorial from her sister in Hawaii.  Her sister, Vesta, commented that the card is a great idea and she'd love to make it for her for Christmas, but thought sending the tutorial to her might produce results sooner than later…  (ha.. ha…).

I opened this email (tutorial) on the day I had set aside to come up with a special project for everyone attending Tiles at my place last weekend.  Perfect timing!!!

Here's the end result…

Ne 1_edited-1 
Ne 2_edited-1 
Ne 3_edited-1 
Ne 4_edited-1 
Ne 5_edited-1 
Ne 6_edited-1 

A video would be a much better picture of this gem…  Let me know if you'd like me to send you the tutorial.

Thanks Janet!


Happy Stampin!



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