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My New BFF

February 9, 2015


HUH???  … you ask….???

I love the internet!  I was searching on how to straighten out warped, curvy, cut up Big Shot cutting plates and found an easier answer.  I'll share that below.  BUT, along the way I learned a new trick that I thought I'd share with you. 

Hand Sanitizer is my new BFF. 

Put a little bit on your clear blocks (in case a dear friend of yours applies a swoosh of mono adhesive to your block to keep the stamp securely attached… you know who you are!) to remove any sticky residue or even dried staz-on ink.  Use a paper towel and a bit of elbow grease … and maybe a bit more sanitizer to remove yuck. 

Imagine how pleased I was as I cleaned each block for the February projects.  I glanced at my Versa Mark stamp pad and thought that after 10 years, I probably should buy new ones.  I just keep reinking them and using them.  They work perfectly, but the foam is a bit tired and stained.  The outside is almost sticky with yuck.   … gasp…  can you see the light bulb go on…???  I grabbed this tiny little bottle (I found it in Emma's room… almost empty… the fragrance annoying…but…) and gave it a try.  Ahhh …  the angelic choir is singing…  the magic happened.  I took this lovely picture to share with you… 

… who knows what's next?  I can clean everything!!!


Big Shot Cutting Pads – okay, this is an alternate way (rather than baking them… I hear that method is stinky…).  Hot Water. 

At your kitchen sink gather: warped cutting pads, old tooth brush, dish detergent, hand sanitizer and a dish towel..

Run the water to get it warm.  As it is warming, use the tooth brush and dish detergent to scrub your cutting pads – this gets those little paper slivers out of the warped cutting pads.  Just scrub the pads with the tooth brush.  Okay, once the water is hot (hotter the better), put the pads under the water and use the sink divider to coax the pads back to flat.  Okay, now they are straight and clean.  Next use the the hand sanitizer to remove any tiny left over paper pieces and any residue.  Wha'la…  better cutting pads.  Sure, the scratches are still there, but the pads are flat and clean.  

Happy Stampin,



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