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My Stampin Room… a Fall Update

October 4, 2012

I haven't posted any photos of my room lately.  I thought I'd share with you today's delima: my lack of sunshine! 

This morning Tony and Jim removed the large (sunshiney and bright) window to make room for a pair of french doors.  They will match the dining room doors (in about 3 weeks). 

Mr room

This is where the doors will be.  I CAN'T wait!  The matching doors will be in the new dining room… you can see just the edge of the dining room table. 

Hardwood floors are still 1/2 complete.  We had to wait until the dining room wall was bumped out (which it is now).  Now we are waiting on scrambling around the kitchen before moving further on the floors.  I really, really like them though.

Eventually, I'll find a good/nice light for my room.  I think I want a chandeliare.  I want lots of light, some bling, not cheap bling.  lol… I found one yesterday that would work just fine… one problem, it was $549!  NOT! 


Happy Stampin,



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