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Janice is an artist!

May 19, 2010

I stopped by Janice's house Sunday afternoon and she handed me a few
cards… I quickly tucked them into my pocket thinking I would enjoy every
little detail (yep.. JRR=details and incredible style.. you can check her
out at on the ride home. Something to look forward
to…. kinda like saving the best thing on your dinner plate for last…
that type of hoarding!

As we were leaving her home, she asked if I opened them …
"no"…I could tell she wanted me to open them! Okay (I thought/huge smile), I'm all about dessert 1st! I tore into them.
Pictures say more than words! WOW!
I'm lucky, huh?

Jrr birds 1

Jrr birds 2
Jrr birds 3
Jrr birds 4
Jrr birds 5

Jrr butterflies
Jrr butterflies 1

Happy Stampin!


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