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April Swaps (5 of 5)

May 12, 2012

Okay… before you scroll down…  a few photos are sideways.  Whoops, I don't have my programs installed on this computer… the programs are still safely tucked away in some box in the garage, shed or in the pod… 


The little girl is Lisa Sutton's Shoebox card.



This card was my shoe box card for Christmas Shoebox. 


It has a stair step fold.


This is Laurie's (or Mona's???) shoebox card.

And Charlene's (or Jackie's???) shoebox card.

and Mary's Shoebox card.



A ShoeBox event is a no cost/full participation event.  I will plan one for late October/early November.  At this event, you find a design you like and prepare materials for everyone to make 4 cards from your box.  There is no cost associated because YOU provide the stamping materials.  Everyone will do the same for you.  If there are 10 stampers:

1. prepare for 40 cards (really 36 because you won't want to make your own card on the day of the event). 

2. make 36 cards to bring home

You can start thinking about it now…  Everyone will bring a dish to share.  Depending on the participation, we can stamp Saturday all day, or stretch it to Saturday and Sunday. 

Happy Stampin,



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