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My Stampin Room

May 14, 2012

If you scroll WAY back, you'll find my Cali Stampin Room.  I loved that room!  I don't know if I loved it just caz it became perfect for all my SU and hobby, or if it was so special because that is where I was me.  When I had a bad day, I'd work in my room…  when we were celebrating something special, I worked in my room, I produced stuff in that room (stuff I was proud of)…  when girlfriends came over, we'd smoosh into that room and work until strange hours…  all those wine weekend invites were made there, all the Christmas cards… all those million swaps… 



I get to make a new room!  Does that sound white?  (here is where you take a big refreshing breath)


If you were standing at the opening to a blank room, what would you do?  Until I decided, here is what I have done.  I continue to live out of boxes!  Carolynn and Whiskers know these boxes like a freckle on the back of your hand.  Okay, Christy, Denise and Kellie know these boxes pretty well too! 

I placed boxes and tables where I thought I'd like my permanent cabinets and work area.  That was my start.  Do you like the two cabinets?  Once was in the winery holding chemicals and pump pieces, and the other one … well, somewhere in the garage I think.  They both are beautifully antiqued and have a glowing petina on them.  They were just something…  and now I'm friends with them.  OH, one awesome find I discovered is our DVD cabinet (the DVDs are in boxes in the garage)!!!  Guess what?  (said with a squeak of joy!)  That thing holds the clear stamps perfectly!  Ha, who would have known!!!  The cabinet was 100% full until the 'SU Retiring Stamp Set List' was relesase… now it's only 1/3 full!  Momma gave me a table cloth…  that feels like wearing the same favorite shirt every day – just a comfy fit. 

I ordered cabinets from Lowes last week.  I have a design set and am anxiously awaiting for them to be made.  I will not tell you how much they cost (other than I could have a new car!… really!) because it makes my tummy turn over a few times. 

So, with that said, are you ready?  Promise you won't feel too sorry for me?  Promise you will see this as the 'before' photo? 

Here we go:

(Denise, do NOT pull out your magnifying glass to see what is on my desk!!!)


Happy Stampin,



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