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Contest: Guess How Many

July 17, 2011

Convention is tomorrow!!!!   Okay, not really tomorrow, but my flight departs tomorrow at 1p!  We'll arrive in Salt Lake City around 3:30!  Yeah! 

The count down has been ON!  Emails between Momma, Denise, Nancy, Michelle and I have been loading our email in boxes at a feverish pace!  We are so ready!  Denise was so funny, she has been sending me emails (only after there is a quiet spell of a few hours…  no convention jabber traffic) out of the blue asking for a bit more of the convention fever.  She'd ask things like 'what should I expect tomorrow'….  sure, very open ended questions and that definitely diverted my thought to convention!  I just had to reply in a big way.  The next thing… all us girls are jabbering and everyone is replying to everyone else!  Crazy!  Anyhow, I replied to Denise with the following answer:

drive to the airport, check baggage (*HAVE SWAPS READY… you probably have a stamper beside you), proceed to the gate*, get Starbucks*, go shopping*, go back to the gate*, board the plane*, depart the plane & go to baggage*, call the shuttle*, get bags*, climb onto the shuttle*, get to the hotel, register at the hotel*, go to the room only to drop luggage and get back down to the lobby immediately*, go to the convention center to get our bag*, check to see if Momento Mall is open*…

I could continue, but I think you might understand one of my primary purposes for convention… SWAPS!  Yee Haw! 

Speaking of swaps…  there has been more than your average interest in my swaps!  I appreciate the attention, but am a bit leary of all this attention!  I'm regularly asked how many swaps and what do they look like.  SO, I will indulge and post my 4 swaps (usually I make only 1 design, but couldn't decide between these for and decided to make some of each).  Okay, back to this feeling leary of the attention.  I figure either you all know me and know how much fun I have with swaps and are just interested (I have the best friends!!!!).  I'd like to think that's the answer.  BUT… in the back of my mind, I do know I'm a bit excessive and I really don't try to hide it (kinda excessive/compulsive)… hey, I"m a stamper!  In some ways I think that the interest is more about confirming the freak/excessiveness…  I'm almost embarrassed to say how many swaps.  In a past post I mentioned I was making 500.  That's WRONG!  Therefore, to make this fun, I thought a contest would be fun.  Guess how many?  Check out my last photo!  I will be packing ALL this!!!  Can you guess how many? 

Constes Rules: Post a comment – enter once – with your guess how many swaps I've made on/before Monday, July 25th.  The closest wins a clear stamp set: Always Elegant (if you already have this set, we'll find a comparable one). 

Conv swap white close
Conv swap white away

Conv swap dsp away
Conv swap dsp close
Conv swap green blue close
Conv swap pink away Conv swap pink close

Here's a photo of the dining room table filled with swaps.  The swaps to the left are for an organized swap (you know… my WOW swap – I finally get to meet all the wonderful ladies that create these little pieces of art!).  The center section is the swaps you are counting (you can take this photo and zoom in super close if you are a bit crazy!) and of course, my Aunti Mary swap bag! 
Conv swap table away swaps Conv swap table close swaps

Wrapping up the swaps into individual cello envelopes took much longer than planned.  Even my boys helped out!  Here's my 'wrap it up' box.  The completed cards are in the back; the empty cello bags in the front, my little note/insert off to the side ready to slide into an envelope; and my black pretty garbage can.  Janice gave this to me for my b-day in March.  I'm sure it has some wonderful purpose, but I find myself using it as a mondo gargage can when working on a big project.  I love it caz it's sooo pretty!!!
Conv swap luggage

I have dedicated ONE piece of luggage just for swaps!  Darn Delta charges per piece!!!  I'm hoping they'll all fit!

I look forward to seeing your guesses on how many swaps!

Make sure you comment right here… right below my little signature block…  I hope YOU win!

 Happy Stampin!


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