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ShoeBox was Exhausting, but worth it…

April 25, 2011

ShoeBox was Saturday. We had 16 participants and had an awesome, exhausting time! We started around 9a and didn't go to bed till midnight! I'm thinking we should turn this event into a Tahoe Trip (Denise – I might take you up on that!) Here are the projects we all made (we made 4 of each).

Anne's Celery/Teal card (nice coordinating envelope too):


Denise's floating butterfly (wow, I wouldn't have ever come up with this):


Janet's Spring Time Flowers (love them all):


Jenny's Nature/Butterfly card (I could do LOTS of different combos):


Jill's vintage card (I still love it):

  IMG_1871 up right

Kellie's Nature card (love the neutrals):

   IMG_1870 up right

Kirsten's Blossom (nice spring time colors):

  IMG_1872 up right

Laurie's Bike (cool color combos, huh?):


Linda's Sweater card (I think I have a sweater exactly like this):

  IMG_1873 up right

IMG_1874 up right

Linda's Vase card (how simple and cute is this?):

  IMG_1864 up right

Mary's Bee/Flower card (very cute):

  IMG_1865 up right

Noreen's Window Box (can you see the bling/sparkle from the gel pens?):

  IMG_1875 up right

Rita's Wedding card (cool – gotta love the du-dats):


Vyonne's Purple Hearts (sweet):


We had 3 guests, Jamie, Shirley and Theresa. It was Theresa's birthday. How lucky are we to have the pleasure of her company on her day! Shirley was kind enough to bring a b-day cake and we all sang happy b-day to Theresa! It should have been recorded, we sounded to good.

Theresa while we are singing:


Theresa blowing out the candles (don't cha just love it when someone takes a photo as you pucker up and blow?):

  IMG_1860 up right

The next will be set for late October, early November. This event will focus on Christmas cards. You can get started preparing now (ha ha)!

I am looking for a hostess for a summer ShoeBox… are you willing? Even if you have a smaller home, we can limit the number of stampers that RSVP… Let me know.

Happy Stampin!


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