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My New Swap Bag by Aunti Mary…

April 26, 2011

Do you remember me whining about needing (okay, wanting) a new swap purse a few months ago? Guess what – it worked! (as a parent, I know this is not a good plan, letting my whining work!!! Aunt Mary, you spoil me!)

During Girlfriends Weekend last month, Aunti asked us ALL (wow, huge task for Mary) to pick out fabric, buttons and other misc stuff (as a non-sew type gal, this was mysterious supplies that the JoAnn's girls had to help me find). I saw a photo so knew what I was going for… espresso and baja (yep, baaa jaaa). I wanted some super fancy bling buttons that would stand out from the espresso fabric. I found these and loved them. To put it mildly, they were crazy expensive! The materials were $38! Gee wiz… I thought sewing was an economical option!


Mary worked on our card purses the entire weekend – without stop! As we stamped non-stop, she had that sewing machine humming away. During our weekend, we even commented on how the sound of the humming machine brings back childhood memories… did you have a yellow satin dress, pattened white shoes (with white tights) and the cutest little purses every year for Easter??? Did you dress swoosh as you walked? Did you feel like a princess?

Purse front

I felt the need to decorate my bag a bit further – I added 3 purse charms (they are supposed to be for keys).

I love my bag (thank you Aunti)!

Wait till the girls at Convention see this beauty!

Happy Stampin!


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