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Uniquely Artistic, my July Thank YOU for your order card (… and a bit of exciting news)

August 4, 2022

Guess what?  I am about to hit a SU milestone and get to go on SU Incentive TRIIP!!!  I say this with appreciate, gratefulness and gratitude to you that have been right by my side Playin Stamps!  

I am regularly asked if I get to go on the SU Incentive Trips.  I always reply no, those trips are for the BIG time demonstrators.  Ya know, they are good at marketing, good at sales, just are business people.  I will admit, I am in my room every day from 9 until 8 and certainly am busy always.  To earn the trip, I need points, 40K worth of points.  Points come from sales, new recruits and demonstrator advancement.  Sales, well I hope the product will sell itself and I have remained consistent… but not nearly enough to think about hitting this milestone.  Recruits, I encourage stampers to join (it is a really good deal and not scary) but only if they want to and they are 'into it'.  This past year I have had 3 recruits and they are 'into it'.  They have stuck with it.  Because of them, I received points!!!  As of August 1st, I'm 3K away from hitting 40K before 9/30!  I mentioned it to Tony and he is so excited.  I said I will buy 3K worth of white paper to get us on this trip!!!  …lol… he goes around telling everyone I won a trip because I sold 40K in a year.  WELL…  not really, ok, not half… but his excitement is endearing.  

Here is my July Thank YOU card to those that placed orders thru me in July.  Can you tell, I really, really appreciate you?  


This card is copied from Sharon McCartney. 

Here are a few photos:


Again, Thank YOU.  

Happy Stampin, 



youtube: search jillibling

Paper cut sizes:

base – 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

2x black – 5 1/4 x 4

white x2 – 5 1/8 x 3 7/8


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