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May Stampin 101 Projects

April 28, 2021
Stampin 101
Tuesday, May 4th @ 10a – potluck Cinco de mayo style
Thursday, May 6th @ 1p
Saturday, May 8th @ 1p
The new catalog becomes effective May 4th!!!  Yay!  There are soooo many nice new items included between these lovely covers! Here are a few projects to get you in the stampin mood.  Each May, I try to spend the month making manly (or gender neutral) cards.  What do you think of these cards?

If you have a chance, watch the videos before class.


Less is More, More or Less Card:


I love, love the simplicity and calmness of this card.  I thin it could be perfect for any occasion.   EAFA23C1-C6FF-42D7-8473-4CF26A86D0D1
Trying to keep with the 101/Simple theme is a challenge for me.  I always want to add more or bling the darn thing.  These cards are perfect just as they are shown.
Here are a few more options.  Each new sample became more and more fancy.  Not that the whiskey sample is fancy, but it's more work and has more 'stuff' on it.  
266421DF-4076-49BD-99F2-4FBA8695136E 7901E4A6-1BD0-4E20-B1DE-359EB89430C3
A Cut Above Card:
Boys!  Say the boys in your life don't exactly look like this… that's okay.  The message of boys doing boy thing is represented.  It's funny, Tony noticed the lawn mower card.  We have a routine of me going to bed and leaving my electronic devises on the little table by my chair.  He gets up EARLY every morning… he just does… at 5a!  Auuuccckkkk!  He turns on the coffee pot and charges my phone and tablet.  I get up ten minutes before he goes to work and they are perfectly charged.  He has been going into my room for SIX years (wow, time flies) now and doesn't comment on a thing other than all the tiny pieces on the floor.  Yesterday he didn't really comment, but suggested the lawn mower be green/yellow or orange/black.  I'm assuming they are his preferred equipment brands.  
…. so, did I do the lawn mower justice…. 
He doesn't have a hammock (I don't know any guy that uses a hammock…) but it sure looks comfortable.  I think the drink should be lemonade, but I know he likes melon margaritas 'on the rocks'.  Yup, green drink.  

The images and words in this set are great.  The card is perfect for a Birthday or Father's Day.  I do know many guys that love their lawn mowers and yard equipment as much as I love my stampin' room!
So…. here's to the Guys!  Manly May is a month to make LOTS of guy cards to get it thru the year.  

Happy Stampin, 



youtube: search jillibling

Cut Paper Sizes:

Less is More, More or Less

Base – 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

grayx2- 5 1/4 x 4

white top – 4 1/4 x 3 1/4

DSP – 4 x 3

leaf strip – 2 3/4 x 8 1/2

words gray – 1 x 11

words white – 3/4 x 8 1/2

inside white – 5 x 3 3/4


Less is More, More or Less Product List

Item used and not listed: Bakers Twine Combo Pkg: 155475


 A Cut Above Product List

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