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June Projects

June 4, 2017

Hobby Lobby – Friday, June 16th @ 1p

Hobby Lobby – Friday, June 16th @ 4.30p

Dazzling Dames – Saturday, June 17th @ 1p

Dexter Stampers – Sunday, June 18th @ 10a

Hobby Lobby – Tuesday, June 20th @ 1p

Have you see the new catalog?  Talk about inspiration to get busy stampin.  The catalog is loaded with great ideas and awesome new stuff!  : )

Here's our first project – Tulips!  The new colors are so yummy and vibrant.  What do you think about this card?  At first I feared the project is too simple… but I keep really, really liking it.  I hope you do too.  It's fun to put together and impressive once complete.  This is one of those cards (okay, maybe all of them…) that is so happy ya just wanna keep it around to look at… 


Notice that new berry ribbon? It's alittle krunchy to work with, but it makes lovely bows and it's really visually pretty…  The daffodil ribbon is also new.  See how one side is dashes and the other side is X's?  We will use the new label punch here too.  


This project can be very easy (the berry flowers) or just a bit more work (the orange flowers).  I hand cut the orange flowers.  


This is a 2-step stampin set.  What's nice is you can use one color ink for both steps.  Usually I would try to have the bold stamp in a lighter color and the detail in a darker similar color.  I tried powder pink (new color) and berry (another new color) on top.  Ummm, no… um, yuck…  I noticed the bold/solid/usually lighter color stamp was not 100% solid, it's kinda gradient/freckled and therefore creates a lighter color.  Gosh, I hope that makes sense.  Looking at this picture above, see how the green leaf has lighter areas and darker edges?  Because of this, the 2-step stampin becomes simple.  The end image is so pretty and realistic.  

That Chair:


The minute I saw this chair in the new catalog I knew I MUST have it.  The stamp set that goes along with the framelit set is equally impressive.  This bundle is for all seasons.  I just happen to be enjoying 80 degree weather and am in the mood to enjoy!  


I'll have plenty of options (paper colors and designs) so you can follow your heart too.   : )

Do you notice how those flowers fit perfectly into/onto that branch?  Those SU designers know what they are doing!  What color are you going to choose for flowers?

… and THAT chair…  what color is yours (suede, white, gray, sky)?

I look forward to seeing you this month.

Happy Stampin,





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