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Fall Banner

October 14, 2016

Decorative Banners are quite the rage!  Who knew?  Would you like to make a FALL banner?  

Thursday, October 20th @ 5p – Hobby Lobby Springfield

Thursday, October 27th @ 5p – Hobby Lobby Springfield

Anyday, October ? @ Any time – my house (you let me know when, max 3 stampers at a time)



Notice there are 3 samples?  They are all nice.  The difference is one is super quick and simple, the other two are a bit more advanced (and pretty).  You can choose how much detail your banner includes. 



Let me know if you'd like to make a banner.  I would love to send you home with one!   

Happy Stampin,



September – Halloween Banner

October – Fall Banner

November – Winter Banner

December – suggestions, maybe birthday?

January – Valentines Banner

February – Easter Banner

March – Spring Banner


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