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New Annual Catalog Card Swap?

May 20, 2016

RSVPs – 11





It's tradition that I host a catalog swap with each new catalog.  Are you interested?  The new Annual Catalog is awesome!!!  Would you like to receive lotsa lotsa wonderfully creative new ideas using the new catalog stamp sets?  Imagine the package arriving in your mail box full of unique, creative and "I wouldn't do that but love it" cards!

The swap is due 6/14/16 to my mail box (not a mail by date…).  Let me know if you're interested in swapping and I'll send you an email on June 1st letting you know the card count.  This swap is intended for demos and non-demos… everyone is invited.  I'll update this post with the sign up count – you can check how many cards to make any time.

I'm sure you've seen prior New Catalog Card Swaps and they are really, really great!

Swap details:

  • Let me know if you are interested in participating before 6/1/16
  • 6/2/16 I'll let you know the card count – or for an immediate count, check this post as I'll update the RSVP count as I hear from everyone
  • Have your cards to me before June 14, 2016 (if you mailed them, include return postage). Please let me know when you mail them if you are close to the due date.  Any cards received after the due date unfortunately cannot be swapped and will be returned.

The fine print:

  • Full cards using all current SU products focusing on new products if possible
  • Only send your best work
  • Cards in a gallon zip lock bag with your name on the bag
  • Include return postage – If I'll be seeing you, I'll get them to you as soon as I can in person
  • Stamp your name on the back
  • No envelopes needed
  • Inside liners on dark cards
  • Feel free to invite friends to participate if you are proud of their work

Happy Stampin,





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