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Silly Little GF Weekend Challenge

November 22, 2015

A few years ago during Girlfriends Weekend Gail and I found ourselves done with our shared projects.  Everyone that attends knows to bring our own projects to work on once the group project boxes are complete.  Gail found a beautiful breathtaking card she wanted to make.  She challenged herself to make this project.  The next morning she arrived with supplies to make this beauty.  Guess what???  She shared her project and supplies with me.  To a stamper, that's like winning the lottery… especially if the card is one of "those" cards.  We worked together and made the card.  To this day, I still feel like I owe her for her generosity of supplies and sharing…

This year we worked together the entire weekend on the group projects and again found ourselves at that 'free time' part of GF's weekend.  We pulled out our tablets and started surfing.  This year I wanted to make sure and share with her equal to what she shared the year ago (maybe 2 years ago… isn't aging wonderful? … forget all those little details…). We 'ooh-ed and ahh-ed' about projects and each claimed a project for the next morning.  Katrina was sitting at the other end of the table and came to sit next to us and chat… she must have found herself at 'free time' and came over to be social.  Our noses were busy snooping/surfing our tablets and she shared in our enthusiasm.  She found a card she liked (and we all liked) and claimed it.  So now all 3 of us have a Challenge card.

Morning came and we gathered at the table and started working on our special project.  Our attention was half on our creation and the other half on our neighbor's creation.  Once we had one card complete, we cut supplies for the other two to make our project.  The plan was we each would go home with 3 cards.

Here are the cards:



This card is very soft, sparkly and snowy.  I really like the trees, ok… the colors, …and the gold embossing, … and the skates.  It's a beautiful card!



I liked hers so much it became my swap card for this month!


Notice all those layers?  Coloring with the white gel pen was challenging at first.  They run out QUICK!  The trick is making sure the little ball in the ball point rolls.  If you push too hard, it won't roll.  Aim to have the ink flow around the ball.  Sounds funny, but if you think of the mechanics of the ink pen, somehow it works well.



I'm sure you've seen this technique everywhere on the internet.  Have you tried it?  I have. Ummm, the above picture shows the results I consistently produced.  Not that good…  : (


This version is different in a few ways.  I colored the birch trees using my fine point/tip sharpie and I also filled in the car stamp image.


I like this version best… but it was too much work.  I was hoping this would be a monthly group card or a swap card. Since it was so challenging for me (others on the internet seem much more successful) it will be a Girlfriends Weekend Challenge card only.

Thank you two for sharing the simple pleasures we all love!

Happy Stampin,




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