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Invitation – Christmas Cards You Can Mail (Friday and Saturday)

November 19, 2015

Would you like to have your cards done before the end of next week?  Are any of these cards good enough to call your 2015 Christmas Card? 

We make lovely, advanced cards.  We take pride in learning new techniques and spend many hours on one card … not to mention the supplies probably total over $100 each card.  (I know you are smiling!)  … AND they cost extra to mail.  Do you shoot mental daggers at the mail clerk too when they say 'you need to pay extra to mail this card as it needs to be hand stamped'?  Do friends and family pout if you don't send them a hand made card?  … have you tried buying/mailing grocery store boxed cards?  (I won't say anything further about that situation!)

So… here is my answer to the problem one month before you realize you might have a problem on your hands.  The below pictured Christmas Cards should be flat enough to mail using standard postage.  These cards are not challenging.  They are designed to be classic but not too hard on you.  You could make 50-100 before the end of the week. 

Some designs involve coloring.  You can get the supplies, stamp your focal point, make the rest of the card, then go home and color or cut, attach a dimensional and you are done.  AND I've booked two dates at Round Table Hazel/Madison.  You can come to the first date and be done or gather supplies and come back every night. The supplies are First Come, First Serve.  Each box contains between 50-150 cards.  Attending the first night might be beneficial.

If you want to stop by and visit, or stop by and work on your unfinished Christmas Cards (sometimes having time set aside to accomplish cards works well) please come by. 

Let me know if you can make it. 

Location: Sacramento – Round Table – Madison/Hazel

                    Lowell – Name a date and it will happen

Dates/Times: (if the room isn't booked we can stay longer)

    Friday 11/27 – 12p-4p  (RSVPed – FJ, LH, JC, MA, CL, CG, you?)

    Saturday 11/28 – 12p-4p   (RSVPed – JRR, FJ, CG,you?)


Cost: $2 each (1-10 cards), if you make more than 10 cards $1.50 each

    Bring your basics and any extra embellishments you might like to add.

    Bring your 'hand stamped by' stamp.

    Bring your markers if you are making coloring projects (I'll have one set of markers available).

    Envelopes will not be provided.

    Bring your creativity.  I encourage you to switch stamps to make the cards yours.  I"ll bring a few extra stamp sets from my Favorite Never to Let Go drawer.


Box #1




Box #2



OMG, is that hedgehog the cutest?  He made a frosty snowman and put sticks in him to make him look like another hedgehog.  Emmi LUVs this one!  It takes just a bit of coloring and is adorable!



whoops, picture is fuzzy… but inside art is a nice professional finishing touch and doesn't take that much effort.

Box #3 – All Gone

Box #4


I made this card a few years ago.  It was a hit.  I thought I'd bring it back. 

Box #5


This is an easy one too.  Frosty is water colored and cut.  The cardinal is a new stamp set in the mini and it super quick.  The cardinal is 2 step stampin… no coloring required.


Box #6


When I first saw this set I decided I did not like it.  Guess what?  It's in my fav never to let go drawer.


Ya know that Hump Day Camel?  I imagine that's how this moose talks.  Nice (said low and gruff), Naughty (said low and with a little question/quirk in his voice) FABULOUS !!!  (said low, loud and excited).  I have a hint for coloring with markers too… 


Inside art is fun.  The Santa has the moose carrying mistletoe on the inside and the Moose card has dancing santas on the inside.  It's just a happy silly stamp set.  It needs to go to the right person… someone that likes to laugh. 

Box #7 – Sold Out – SORRY!


Oh, is that pretty or what?  You should see it in person!!!  It's black embossed, colored, cut and glittered.  So simple, so worthy…


I can get lost in coloring sometimes…

Box #8


This one is super easy.  I feared it's too easy and boring but I keep really liking it.  I think this is a good example of Less is More. 


It's official, I'm a fan of washi tape.  I have far to many options of washi tape for you with this project.


Box #9


I decided I'm having a fun time designing these for you.  Simple coloring, yes cutting, definitely glitter!! The mittens have a punch (well, both thumbs will be going the same direction).  The mitten card is easy.


I love this ribbon! 


Did you read the words that go with this set!  OMG, so cute!


Box #10 – All Gone

Box #11







Box #12



Box #13 – All Gone


If you already know which box/boxes you want to work on and how many, I can pull paper for you.  Just let me know. 

Let me know if you can make it.  You can email me or text me. 

Happy Stampin,














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