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Photopolymer Stamps Lost Their Stick-Appeal?

September 23, 2015

Good Morning Fellow Stampers –
So here we are back to a regular Ask Wendy Wednesdays.  I thought I'd take just a few minutes today to address a recent question from a customer.  I've actually been holding this item for a while thinking I'd get to it eventually; and then poof, someone brings up the very thing that I had planned on addressing at some point.  So now is as good as any other ☺
So, today's tip is going to change your life.  I promise you — I had been struggling with this very same problem; and when I discovered this solution, I was like "why didn't I think of that before?" !!
If you have ever had an issue with some of your photopolymer stamps no longer sticking to your clear blocks or to their spot inside your stamp case, they've just suddenly kind of lost their stick-appeal (LOL — made that one up!)  They may almost feel gritty and they just won't stick at all.  This is really just because your stamp is well loved — you've used it a lot!  Like this favorite stamp set of mine from this Spring's Occasions catalog . . .  I had a lot of trouble getting the much used pieces to stick after awhile!
So how about this!  So easy — THIS is an alcohol swab . . . I mean like the real live thing the doctor uses before he gives you a shot in your arm!!  You know ?  Yeah, that funny little thing!
I easily found a box of these on Amazon, and they were not expensive at all!!
Now, of course, if you don't have these readily available at the moment, you can certainly use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball (beware the cotton fuzz that might get left behind); I keep a box of these swabs on hand at all times now for my photopolymer stamp sets.    You can use them to clean your acrylic blocks too.
Clean the front and back of your photopolymer stamps really well and let them air dry.  You'll notice one added plus with the alcohol swabs is that they will lift some of that color staining from your stamps as well.    And before anyone asks, yes, this is perfectly "legal" — you are not doing anything that will hurt or destroy your photopolymer stamps! 
And check it out!!  You'll be astonished at how the sticky to your stamp is back and holds snug as a bug to your blocks, your storage case – it'll stick like glue — haha!!
I hope this little tip is helpful to you this week.  Give it a try on your stamps that are giving you trouble, and let me know how it went for you!  I'd love to hear your feedback!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!
Until Next Time . . .

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