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POSTPONED until Sept/Oct-You are Invited: Make a ‘Tin of Cards’ Project Kit

July 5, 2015

As fun as gathering to make the Perpetual Calendar kit earlier this year was… quite a few of you saw the new catalog cover and said "I want to make THAT… pointing to the Tin of Card picture… during your next visit".  Are you available to get together? Let me know before July 29th.


Friday, August 7th at 5p at Round Table Pizza Madison and Hazel – Ruth

Sunday, August 9th at 12p at Round Table Pizza Madison and Hazel – Ruth

TBD Lowell… name the date/time… it will happen… – Ruth

Said Yes, but not sure what date: Fonda Jo, Janice, Mary B + friend, you?


Your friends know you make cards.  Your friends are disappointed if you send them a store bought card for their birthday or the holidays.  You've given a bundle of cards as a gift and they treasure them.  Your friends come to you when they need a card because they'd rather give a card handmade vs flat store card that costs $5-$6 each (okay, so we spend $100 to make one card… whatever…).  Imagine giving a friend this box of cards! 

I had one extra piece of dsp on my kit (I'm not sure if it was on purpose or an accident)… look what I did with that one extra piece.



Okay, I was kinda proud of that idea!  But really… you know your friends, you know how they will treasure this box!  It's very generous and thoughtful too.

In my head are the following thoughts before I would say yes at attending:

1. let me see that box – it is nice, heavy, nice texture… okay, it passes

2. those dividers, are they flimsy, do they fit – cha-check, yep… durable, nice!

3. ummm, the cards???  – in class we make advanced cards, I feared these would be boring and honestly something I wouldn't make and give…  bingo, see below… they will do just fine!!!

4. time commitment? – the calendar did take quite a bit of time, this project is quicker and easier.  I would make it again having it completed. You can have the entire kit complete in a few hours.

I bought the stamp set that coordinates.  I'll bring the stamps, inks, all my verbal tips (having made it), your kit, one package of dimensionals…  Do we have a date?

Let me know if you'd like to attend. If so, how many kits do you want?  If so, do you need dimensionals (about 1/2 sheet per kit).  Bring your basic supplies.

Kit (plus shipping, NO tax!!!) $30 (… or 29.70) – see page 152 in the catalog. I'll need to know if you can make it by Wednesday, July 29th to get the tax free cost. 


The kit contains the box, 16 cards (4 designs-4 each), 16 envelopes, 9 dividers w/dsp to decorate and stuff to make the 16 cards.


Looks good, doesn't it?  The stamp set I'll bring has the words for the tabs AND see that little frame around the words?  There are 2 stamp choices… I alternated word/tab top frames…


I was interested in the wood word bubbles… not sure that I'd ever purchase them… but they are easy and make a statement… I like. 


notice the wood layers?


bling… SU gives you preprinted words in 3 different languages!  I made a few for Oma (which means Grandma in German).  That is why I have the 'Hello' on my welcome card.


 That bakers twine loosely placed under the words… latest trend… I feel like an artist…


This one is my fav!!!  All the butterflies are ready to go, just punch out and attach.  I love that dotted window sheet!


I stamped HAPPY on the white bottom butterfly layer.  Again, I'm feeling artsy and somehow proud as I put this together.  LOL… the recipient will assume I designed all of these cards…


This card I thought was a snooze… BUT, in real like, it's quite fun.  Yes, it is the easiest, the quickest and it's worthy…


 Let me know if you have any questions and if you can make it.

Happy Stampin,



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