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This is a teaser… coming soon… Visit 3 stampin rooms right here…

May 15, 2015

You all know how I love my new stampin room, right?  I loved my Plymouth stampin room just fine.  If given the opportunity to have a brand new sparkly stampin room, what would you do?  Okay, you'd want it… but how would you design it.  Really?  What would you put where?  How would you decorate it?  What kind of work table do you want? 

I will post pictures of my room in a few weeks, but Momma and Nancy agreed to me taking pictures of their rooms and giving you a tour!!! 

A few of you have mentioned you are designing your very own stampin room and ask for some help with direction.  My advise is to do your homework by looking at magazines of other craft rooms, see how their supplies is laid out and organized, do you like it?  Look at the room furniture lay out.  Do you have natural light?  Look at your supplies and ask where/how should it fit in your room.  You don't want ink pads too far away, nor paper, or your basics.  Once you have ideas, using folding tables, lay out your room and work in it. 

I can't wait to show you their rooms.  Both stampers, both different and both awesome!!!

Happy Stampin,




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