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My Very First Card

April 25, 2015


It's beautiful isn't it?

Do you know a new mom that doesn't take any 'me time'?  That was me.  Em was 2.  Boz was a few months old, still in the bucket type car seat.  Family offered to take the kids, but I felt they were mine and I didn't want to inconvenience anyone (I know better now… babies are precious).  If I was home, I was 100% mom. 


We used a stamp pad to color the ribbon.  The rain made the ribbon bleed.


I had a coworker that promised her neighbor she would gather friends and have a Stampin Up party.  My friend explained her obligation to host this party and said 'just come, no need to buy a thing'.  I did.  OMG, deer in the headlights syndrome!  Maybe it was finally taking a few minutes for me, maybe it's the unlimited possibilities of our hobby, maybe the colors and paper, … or maybe because I made it…  I don't know, but 16 years later, I love the hobby more. 

Back to that night – both kids fell asleep playing with the other kids in the back bedroom.  I was free to be a stamper!  I poured my heart into this card.  I had the choice of colors and scissors to cut the  words into a label.  My first stampin experience was 2-step stampin!  We colored the satin ribbon by running it thru the stamp pad and letting it dry.  Notice the nice little corner fold over?  Everyone finished their project and we were handed the catalog in case we wanted to order.  Heck Yeah!  I wanted that stamp set!  I wanted purple paper and purple ink… oh, and green paper, and green ink, oh, and ribbon.  Sheeze, I was already over $50 and hadn't looked at any other stamp sets!  I said I'd order something, but would call the next day with my order.  I purchased a catalog.  I tucked my creation into the catalog and gathered my sleepy little ones.  It was pouring outside at 10p!  I had over an hour drive (on Latrobe Road!!!) and the rain was getting heavier and heavier.  The rain was so bad I was creeping slowly home.   The kids were sleeping and happy.  My mind was boggled with stampin ideas.  We arrived home 2 hours later.  Safely at home, you know what I was dreaming about.  I considered sleeping with that new catalog (as I still do when we get our hands on a new catalog every year).  I woke up early before the little ones woke so I could have a few minutes to look at that catalog.  I was slightly disappointed in my soggy first card – but hey, I was going to make a thousand more purple morning glory cards soon!  They all were going to be exactly like that one!!!  Ahhhhh…. imagine them in pink (oh, more paper, more ink…).  Ahhhhh…. imagine that same card but using that rose set!  The rose set was on page 2. 

This is a special disaster card to me.  I'll never get rid of it. 

It's beautiful, huh?

Happy Stampin,




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