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Girlfriends Weekend – Donna’s Project

November 2, 2014




NOW LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!!  This is the cutest card ever!  Let me fill you in on a few things about Donna and Girlfriends Weekend!  You might think she isn't productive because she finds times to take a little walk around the property, or a few minutes for a nap, or hang out with the guys watching TV, or read a magazine… BUT, she is fooling you!  Donna is known for finishing all the GF's projects (in record time and announcing her progress) and starting on her own.  When I glance over and notice she's working on something unfamiliar and ask…, she replies  "It's just a project I brought".  It's hecka cute!  I want one.  ALWAYS! 

She was finishing up details on her GF project and I glanced over.  Notice how it wasn't a full on stare and get up and ask 'wha cha doin' caz I already think I know her answer.  Anyhow, I noticed the darling fold, the cute little critter train/buckets and mentally thru up my hands and decided she just makes very cute stuff!  Guess what???  It's her GF weekend project.  Yee Haw! 

What do you think?  Cute, huh?  (…psss, the other projects were her upcoming swaps so this year of projects Donna pulled out of her luggage wasn't painful at all!!!  We will eventually get them ALL!) 

Happy Stampin,




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