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Girlfriends Weekend – Michelle’s Project

November 8, 2014

 Pictures don't do this project justice!  That flower is poofy!  Not heat embossed type poofy, but there is cotton under the flowers!  It's soooo pretty!  It's so classic!


I tried to take a picture from above to show the raised flower, but it doesn't show.  SO, if I tell you what we did, maybe the words will make the picture better. 

First of all, Michelle – great technique!  I love it and love trying Stampin Ups' Fast Fuse Tape!!!

Here are the steps:

Stamp the flower on white, color in the flower and the gray around the edge for dimension.  Use a stylus and mat to kinda stretch the underside of the flower (this is where the cotton will go).  Use Fast Fuse alllll over the back of the stamped flower paper – all the way out to the edges.  Okay, so Fast Fuse is a bit challenging to use as it's extremely sticky and kinda rubbery as you release the applicator from the paper.  BUT, it's super sticky!  Close to orange tape super sticky!  Next take a bit of cotton (she provided cotton balls) and wad it up.  Lay the cotton onto the back side of the white paper, under the flowers.  Next stick the white oval onto the colored oval.  Use the stylus to trace the outline of the flowers.  Doing this step makes the edges of the flowers stick to the colored paper and the cotton ball areas are popped up. 


Great technique and so happy to try Fast Fuse.  Thanks Michelle!

Happy Stampin,




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