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Over The Top Cards

March 22, 2014

My dear friend Janice has a quarterly "Over The Top Event"… and I finally was able to attend!  Here are the cards we made. 

Very Vintage

So we see the words very vintage thrown together many times.  Wait until you see these cards… now THATS Very Vintage! 

At first, I must admit, I was so intimidated by these cards.  There's sooo much stuff going on.  I guess 'Over The Top' explains it…  I have found the key is having a few duplicate sheets of awesome designer paper and not being afraid to cut just one little piece out of the center of the page to create your masterpiece.  Hey, it's only paper!!!  SO, once you've cut your first image out of the center and ruined the sheet… that's when the fun begins.  You'll find yourself saying 'hey, I can use that frame around the girl as a border… oh, I like that print and will use that behind the flowers… oh, those flowers…'  Before you know it, your card will not have enough room and you'll have to decorate the inside.  If that isn't fun enough, wait until it's time to add bling, accessories and ribbon.  Oh my!  INDULGENT!  Ummm, check out the ribbon. That's dyed silk ribbon.  It is so pretty, it is so soft, it is so easy to work with… The colors are subtle and perfectly work with the colors in the designer paper. 

Notice the envelope liners and how they coordinate with the card? 20140316_134750

Tiny Hangers

This card has the cutest little hangers for the dresses. Again we used a few sheets of designer paper and created layers to highlight misc. images.  We used glitter and a few extra large rhinestones to make this materpiece sparkle.  20140316_134606

Again we decorated the inside.  See that little envelope off to the side?  That perfect for a gift card. 

HEY… since I decorated the inside, I don't have to write a message! 

We couldn't get this all done in one evening.  We all went home with pieces and planned to finish making the cards at home.  Fonda Jo and I get together a few days later and decided we'd working on completing our cards. At the end of the evening we still had a pile of pieces… lots of pieces… lots of big pieces…  We challenged each other to make a card before the next time we saw each other (just a few days later) using all those pieces.  My next post will show you my challenge card.

Flowers and Butterflies (Janice's favorite things)

We used the sets: Ex Libris, the Chalk Talk framelits, Papillion Potpourri, and Everything Eleanor.  The flowers are double cut to make the 2 layers and the butterflies were supposed to be one layer, but I doubled them up too.  Speaking of doubling up… I make a few double bows (my latest craze) and doubled the ribbon on the tags.  I like these two cards doubly (lol…)! 20140316_134425

Thanks for the awesome Over The Top evening Janice!

Happy Stampin,




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