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Swap Anyone???

January 29, 2014

Got Swaps???

A few friends have asked if I would start a swap group.  Yes!

Are you interested in making a few cards and receiving a few back?  If so, let me know…  I'll send you the guidelines.

This is a no commitment swap!  

That is the good thing about the swap.  That means you participate when you feel like it.  

Bad thing is I can't promise you'll receive other stampers swap cards back… if we have low turn out one month… you might get a few cards of your own back (but you will always receive the card count you send in).

The purpose of the swap is #1-to keep you inspired and make you fall in love with that new product you said you would never purchase (lol…), #2-great for demos preparing for upcoming events, #3-keep you using your investment (stamps/supplies) on a regular basis, and #4-goals, due dates are good, AND #5-ahhh, the joy of receiving your return swaps is beyond words (my world stops when I receive them!).

Beginning March 1st, you can look forward to seeing pictures of everyone's swap right here.

Email me ( if you are interested in participating.

Happy Stampin,




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