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Event “Spring Flowers” – Saturday, February 22nd (3 seats available)

January 25, 2014

 Last Month's Stamp Your HEART Out was a success.  Let's try it again!  This month's focus is Spring Flowers. 

You are invited to "Spring Flowers"

Date:   Saturday, February 22nd

Location: Round Table Pizza Madison & Hazel

Time:   11:30a (you can arrive any time… I have the room until 6p)

Limited Space Available – only 20 stampers (cg,  fjf,  jrr,  5, df, sm, bt, hp,  kk, ddb, sb, gr, mb)

I could stamp only flower cards for a few months straight and still not be tired of them!  Here are this month's projects.  We will make 10 cards (5 designs – 2 of each design) and all designs will have many choices. The projects are a bit more advanced compared to last months projects.  Dont let that scare you away… they are soooo worth it and really, not that hard.   We will use LOTS of new sets and accessories from the Occasions Mini Catalog and Sale-a-Bration (yeah… free product with $50 order…).

You can stamp at your own speed.  The room is reserved until 6p and there's plenty of food, drink and beer available.  It's great to buddy up with a friend and enjoy the projects together. 


… ummm, guess who went crazy with ideas for this stamp set/project?  Imagine a crazy scientist working in his lab at 3am on a mission to find the right formula?  See that wild hair? … the obsessed drive in his eyes… the concentration and speed he works?  That's ME! … but with a smile and and lots of happy sighs as each card comes together.  My space looked like a tornado came thru with every tool and accessory piled up around my 10" work space… Here are the Lovely results. 


Many of the layers of this project are cut/punches from the layers beneath the focal.  Example: The yellow card above – The black rectangular lower layer has an 'apothocary' die hole punched out of the center of it… that's what I used under the white lovely.  The saffron dot textured lower layer has an 'apothocary' die hole punched out of the center of it… that's what I used under the white lovely as saffron lattice. 

Framed Flowers

Wow, huh?  The biggest challenge of this project is using a small punch for the center of each colored frame, them using a larger punch to create the frame.  Once you have your frames, line them up on the white paper.  Next use a punch to remove the white paper from inside the frame.  Once you know the concept, it's logical and easy.  Next is the fun part… what color DSP will enhance the flowers?  I look forward to seeing everyone's creations!  I know they will be awesome.

20140105_000346 20140105_000324

Oh, the words… Sassy Salutations!  Aren't they great?  … perfect for this project?  The first few months of having the catalog I passed these words by – thinking they are a bit crazy.  Who knew!!!???  I LOVE them!


Watercolor Boquet

I LOVE this set!  Looking at it in the catalog it seemed very simple and kinda boring.  I didn't think I could do anything with it.  Watercoloring the boquet is all it needs.  For me… watercoloring requires 2 or 3 colors for flowers, for leaves…  Also, Artist Carole Miller menioned it's good to leave a bit of white when watercoloring.  I try to do that every time I watercolor.  I used blender pens in ink pads to color. 


I had so much fun coloring the front, I decided to stamp and color inside too. 



Flowers on the Stem

20140125_221406 20140125_221429

Washi Flowers

Washi tape…  what do you think about it? 

I've been trying to like it and must say I'm coming around.  For the longest time (especially at first when it was introduced) I couldn't even say I was on the fence.  To me it was messy and unfinished.  A bit like staples!  Yuck!  Why would anyone staple a card?  NOT!!!  But, washi tape… in small doses…  can be good.  It is easy.  It does toss in a splash of color.  The tape is a bit see thru.  It's inexpensive.  One of the examples doesn't use washi tape in case you haven't warmed up to it.  We will be watercoloring again. Anyone receiving this card will be lucky.    : )

20140125_221515 20140125_22145220140125_221526

Let me know if you can make it. 

$25 per stamper – bring your basic supplies

Happy Stampin,


NOTE: upcoming stampin opportunity –

Butterflies, Birds, Bees n' Trees - March 22

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