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My Room… It’s OFF limits for a few hours…

December 28, 2013

My Room!!!  I luv my room!

Before the cabinets were installed, I decided I wanted black wallpaper in my stampin room.  Since the cabinets were to be cream, the black wall would tie together the rest of the house with my room.  The Plymouth Victorian home was 95% wall papered (only the closets were not but I painted them) and it was perfect.  Wallpaper can set the perfect style for any home… it's just a challenge finding the right stuff.  DH Anthony hung wallpaper in a past life… he's a professional!  I'm sure you are assuming he hung the wallpaper in Plymouth, right?  NOT,  his best bud Steve did (that's another story… growl!).  Anyhow, it's been almost 2 years since my black wallpaper was delivered.  The first year the roll sat on the floor in the living room.  The past year the roll sat in my room next to the PC monitor.  The past few weeks the roll has been opened up about 5 feet behind the PC monitor.  I joke that the unrolled paper is the closest I'll ever be to having wall paper hung in my room.  I even threatened to hire a paper hanger just to get it done!!! 

I guess my nagging paid off!!!  Saturday morning was set aside for hanging wallpaper in Lovey's room (that's me!).  Yup, gasp for air…  suck a deep breath in and hope those words really, really would happen…  Okay, I can't hold it anymore caz the smiles break my breath holding…  Sure enough, right at 9a the bucket of tools, the work table and drop cloth came to life!  Below is a pix of the 1st sheet going up! Isn't this exciting?  Can you imagine the finished wall? Oh… see how pretty it is?  LOL, I hardly remember what I was dreaming of but knew I liked it! 

We has 3 wall paper books up against these walls when deciding which paper to go with.  I started with a cream base and black velvet swirls, also had gray with silver metallic swirls and then this black.  Friends and family thought I was dark going with this wall paper.  Boz said he liked the black (that was my fav too) because of how the black was so nice against the green grass (oh, the back yard is torn up right now.. that's a good thing).


You can see the design on the wallpaper below.  It's so pretty.  It's more wonderful than I remember (lol, and more wonderful than that unrolled sample shown).  Keep in mind… once the door frame and baseboard are put up, it will be very nice! 


Okay… I like working men!


So… that's today's My Stampin Room Update.  I'm so happy!!! 

I guess I can go back in there and work on projects… but I just want to look at it from different angles.  It's kinda stunning looking at it from the front door.  The kitchen has black cabinets, the dining room table is black, and now this wall is black…  NICE!

Wanna come over and play stamps?

Happy Stampin,



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