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My Room – a December 2013 Update

December 6, 2013

I've had a few request to post my stampin room again and I respond by saying that not much has changed.  BUT!!!  I do have one change – a tree! 

I have to tell the story of this tree…  Momma has this Christmas tree that she puts up every year in one corner of her home.  Keep in mind, she is the master of holiday decorating every Christmas.  She completely redecorates her home for the season.  Every single corner/space/surface is transformed into holiday festiveness!  Why I focused in on this tree, I don't know.  For past 5 years I go thru holiday decoration departments with one mission… to find my own Momma tree.  It's taller than I am but is very narrow.  It has a real wood center, not just a thick greenish stick that holds the branches.  The branches are all flexible and the pine needles look real.  I was wnating and willing to buy anything that just had that shape.  All the trees I found flaired out to 3 or 4 feet wide at the bottom.  This special little tree  flairs to 1.5 feet!  Imagine how narrow it is.  That gem can lighten up any corner! It's so cute too.  Year 1 and 2 of my search for this tree I'd only look at after Christmas sale decorations.  The next year I began to look at high season/decorating in high gear time of the season with no luck.  The next year searched beginning in November, on black Friday, with no luck.  Last year I searched on line and  everywhere decorations were displayed with no luck.  This year I acknowledged that I'll keep looking but chances are very slim, acknowledged defeat. 

** ~ ~ Horns tooting ~ ~ * *    … choir singing…

Momma said she had something to tell me that she knew would make me very happy.  (feel the anticipation???) I remember the exact time and place… We were at Macy's Fragrance Event (thank you for inviting us Nancy) standing in line and she dropped this news on me…  "I'd like to give you that tree".  You can hear the choir too right now, huh?  My hands seem to go up and I spin around…  OMG!  

Whew, I need to get a grip!  Whew!!!  The tree arrived yesterday.  The tree is in my room.  I could have found 30 places (really) for this little gem…  It's here, with just white lites on them.  I sent Momma a text last night that the tree was bringing me joy.  It still does.  I guess I should decorate it.  Hmmm, that could be fun!  Real FUN!  Bling!  … maybe crystals  … maybe that mercury glass  …  maybe paper crafts  …  I think this year it wants to go nude, just white lites.  It's so pretty!  I love my tree. 

You probably are ready to see a picture, huh? 

Should I name it? 


This morning we woke up to snow… it's so quiet, so (freakin artic) cold…  so peaceful.  I'm thinking the clouds snuck a peek inside my stampin room (as I address Christmas cards) and saw my little tree and thought to add snow right before I snapped this photo.  (that choir and horns are still playing softly in the background!). 

Right outside my stampin room doors will be a water feature.  Can you imagine a huge waterfall right there on that natural rock shelf (we had a back hoe in this summer to dig out area for a back yard and Mother Nature provided us this huge rock shelf!)

Here's out the front windows… can you see the lake?



Stay warm!!!  : )

Happy Stampin,



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