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Stampin with Diane at Four Seasons Stampers

December 10, 2013

Have you ever crashed a party?  Really???  You should give it a try.  I'm becoming a bit proficient at this action.  I found the key is getting one inside person (with all the details, date, time and location) and making sure they won't leak!!! 

So, Four Seasons Stampers were gathering Wednesday and I kinda attended without an invite.  It was so fun to see everyone. 

Here are the projects Diane prepared for us.


Sparkely Silver Gifts


I like the silver glimmer paper behind the gifts.  That little band of stretch ruffle ribbon perfectly matches the gift and the designer paper.  Oh, that silver bow… that is the metallic ribbon from the mini catalog.  It ties very nicely… kinda soft fibers and super easy to work with.


Here's the inside of the card… a little bit of inside decoration.


Ahhh, the washi tape ornament card.  I must admit – washi tape wasn't a tidy accessory in my eyes.  I originally didn't like it.  Since SU decided to start carrying it … which was a good idea caz it seems everyone that designs crafts is all over this product…  SU always seems to be on top of the design curve… anyhow, I decided to get some.  One order came with 3 coordinating spools of it.  Mine sat comfortably in my glorious stampin room for months.  I used it for the first time as an optional add on to my fish creole project (that fish gift card holder thingy) and I kinda decided I was 'neutral' with that accessory.  To me, it still seemed sloppy, but it did add a nice touch of color and it was really really easy to work with (it tears easily).  Well, after this project of Diane's, I officially like it!  One of those spools lasts a LONG time!!!  (guess what???  the next mini catalog has a few new packages of it and I ordered both flavors!)

Okay, we layed out strips of washi tape tucking the torn edges under/around the white paper.  Using the ornament punch we made the 'negative' ornament for the front of the card.  We then took the punch out and put it on the inside of this card.  She provided a cherry cobbler layer that shows the ornament on the front.


This is the inside of the card.  It's happy, huh?

Thanks Diane!  Your projects are great!

Happy Stampin,



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