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Girlfriends Weekend – My Project

November 15, 2013

I made this project for a pre-convention event.  This was my 3-d project.  I had Momma, Kathy, Nancy, Francine and Michelle over to check out convention swaps and they ran across this project.  Francine LUVed it!  We all decided it needed to be a Girlfriends Weekend project.  Gee, that was easy to design and come up with!!! 

Here it is… it's a man's gift card holder (I won't say purse… hey, how about creol… is that the correct word?)

Gf jn away

Burlap… burlap… burlap… I'm getting a reputation for liking it.  Sure, it's okay… but, well, not my favorite.  BUT, I do like this project… kinda lots. 

Gf jn close

LOL…  we don't need to talk about the text being up side down do we?  Yeah, I planned that…  Duh!  Anyhow, check out that shell!  I stamped it on vellum with suede ink.  Stamped it again with versa mark and dipped it into clear powder.  Once it was heat embossed, it was glossy.  Now, the cool part…  Cut out the shell (no grumbling!!!), flip it upside down, use a stylus and impress on the vellum non inked areas (hum, does that make sense?).  The vellum becomes white in places the stylus presses.  So cool!

Gf jn inside
Um… this washi tape stuff… kinda loving it!  I went a bit crazy on the inside…

Mine isn't my favorite… I'm kinda over it.  Still very much like it though!

Happy Stampin,



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