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My Recipe Card – Girlfriends Weekend

May 3, 2013

Okay, sometimes… I admit… I'm an over achiever.  That is only because in other areas I fall short and the girlfriends cover for me!  LOL… 

I decided to make a cover page/monogram for everyone's Recipe Card Album – this is Denise's.  You don't know this yet… but the monogram matches my Girlfriends Weekend Stampin Project (I'll post those soon). 

 Jn gf weekend recipe monogram 1

I also made a recipe card.  Here's where I fall short…  um, kinda don't cook much.  I could pull a Babbi and give you directions to Costco and explain how to open a Pillsbury muffin tube…  but nobody could compare to her recipe card.  Anyhow, this recipe is simple… something Carolynn stumbled across chatting with the local butcher.  OMG, It's awesome and crazy simple. 

Jn recipe card outside 2
Hey, like my crockpot???  Gotta love those framelits!  The top know was supposed to be a vintage brad… didn't have any and they would leave those ugly brad feet on the underside…  BLING is an awesome alternate!!! 

Jn recipe card opened 3

When running off the recipe on the printer, I thought a few tiny pigs would be a fun addition to my exciting card…  As I was searching clip art I found 'when pigs fly'…  lol, how perfect for the non-cook!!???  and the other pig matches and it kinda cute. 

SO, for all you non-cooks out there!!!  This is a recipe you CAN do!  Really…  You can even throw everything into the crock pot before you go to bed and wake up in the morning with the house smelling incredible!  (Carolynn!!!) 

Happy Stampin,



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