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Ahhh… Sylvia!

November 22, 2012

Out of the blue Sylvia gave me this gift!

I know she went to a gift show in Tacoma (and had a wonderful time).  She said she had 2 full days of browsing and was she briming with joy, inspiration, fun when I say her the day after…  (you know how it is)… 

This is the card that accompanied the little gift.  Guess what???  It's Stampin Up! 

Sylvia card away

Sylvia card close

Cute, cute, cute!

I love the black rhinestones (who knew they could glimmer and sparkle).

Here's the little gift: 

Sylvia bistro

OMG, I love it!  I'm kinda going with black/white and cream lately.  Sylvia knows this as she has been on my design adventure with this house.  Ha… you should have seen us trying to lay out these letters to make the word yesterday.  I can use the excuse that I was doing it from the other side of the table… but that really isn't an excuse for an avid Word Feud player. 

I really like all the ribbon hangers… they are kinda sexy!

Thanks Sylvia!

Happy Stampin,



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