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My Stampin Room… my light…

October 27, 2012

I've been looking and looking for the perfect light for my stampin room.   I knew I needed bling, and had my eye on a few chandeliers, but they all were over $500!  Since my cabinets are light, I was looking for something that had some color, but wasn't cheap looking.  Well, I've been looking for 7 months!  Since I frequent home improvement stores daily (employees joke that I just work there), I always walk thru the lighting department on my way to my desitnation.  (ha ha, if you haven't looked at the lighting department in awhile, if you go there imagining the possibilities for your house… gee wiz, you can get lost in all the possibilities…  I thought stampin cards offered too many options and flavors!)  Imagine how exciting it was to walk thru the lighting department and find a handful of 'that might work' lights on clearance!!!  WAIT, what took it's place???  (can you feel the excitement???) 

Here it is!

Room light 2

Nice, huh?  … and you haven't seen the entire thing yet!

Room light frame

My room is a mess…  stuff everywhere… oh well, everything stops for DIY home improvement projects!

Room light 1

Well, I'm gonna tease you here…  watch for the next 'my room' post to see it hanging…  things tonight went a bit south… it's not up yet…

Happy DIYing,



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