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Simply Sent – Everyday Elegance

June 12, 2012

As a new stamper, the first question is 'where do I begin?'.  It's hard for me to answer that question because my answer to that question a decade ago was – give it all to me NOW!  (lol…)

Most people wish to have that answer true, but that isn't the real life answer.  Most of us choose a stamp set, ink pad or two and an assorted package of paper -or- start with a Christmas card and build our supplies from there. 

I've wished for a simple little kit including just a touch of all items needed to get started.  (Okay, the starter kit is awesome for this purpose, but new stampers don't understand that.)  Guess what?  That exact wish has been in the SU catalog(s) for a few years now.  Sure, I see it – but it doesn't relate to me and my stampin friends because we are past that point. 

My last month projects included the laser cut Simply Sent kit (from the mini catalog).  The kit contained 8 laser cut cards and 8 pink envelopes.  I wouldn't have used these laser cut cards, but Momma suggested that I use them.  (Therefore, I DO use them.)  They came out nice.  (see my post titled April Projects).  I was hoping to have enough of these cards for my groups.  I had some Simply Sent Everyday Elegance card kits, so I had that an an option during the monthly parties. 

After my last April group gathered, I was cleaning up supplies and inventorying pieces.  I decided to make up the few remaining cards.  I was stumped on what to do… these were considerable simpler than our average card.  You'd think I could easily bling it up and make it a Jilli card… I was stumped.  I had LOTS of stamps out on my work surface and decided I should use what is in front of me (if I were to look at other sets I'd be overwhelmed).  I guess I need some guidelines and limits to get rolling (funny how that is!). 

Here is what I came up with:

Kit baby blue carriage Kit baby pink Kit baby pink carriage Kit baby pink close rotated
Kit bday pink
Kit bday pink flowers
They are fun, huh? 

Happy Stampin,



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