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My Stampin Room… Hardwood Floors First

June 8, 2012

So… the room has been delivered!  I kinda feel like a mouse in a maze around here.  My room is cleared out and Jim is here to help. 

First step is to clear out the room and rip up the carpet. 

Room chaos 1 rotated

My room looks dinky, huh?

Room chaos 2 rotated

We want to lay down this hardwood floor pad/moisture barrier to make sure and have great quiet results. 

Room chaos 3

Here's the wood.  Since our last home had golden narrow oak, we wanted something very different.  This wood is 'hand scraped' and has a cool brown/walnut color.  I really like it.  I wanted something to go well with the black kitchen cabinets (some day soon) but not too dark, something to contrast compared to the cabinets. 

Room chaos 4


Room chaos 5 rotated

It's happening.  (ahhh hum… don't cha wanna take off your shoes and walk on that?  Do you think I should interrupt the boys and do it???)

Looks good, huh?

Room chaos 6 rotated

Okay, let's put at least ONE cabinet in NOW!


Room chaos 7

Ahhh…  love it!

Happy Stampin,



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