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The New Catty… it’s here!

May 29, 2012

The new catalog is here!!!  OMG, it's filled with so many new stamp sets, accessories and ideas.  My wish list is quite a few pages already.  I can't wait to share the catalog with you.

You are invited to stop by my place and pick up your new catalog.  While you are here, do you want to stamp?  I have a special project ready.  This is one of those projects you love the minute you see it… then want to make it over and over again at home.  How does your calendar look to stop by one of these times:

Thursday, May 31st between 2-4p

Friday, June 1st between 2-4p

Saturday, June 2nd between 10-12p

The special project is optional.  I'm not sure that the project will take you 2 hours, but between taking a minute to check out the new catty, and making the project timing will be right. 

Let me know if you'd like to stop by. 

If you are unavailable, I'll get you your catalog next time we meet (or have a friend pick yours up while they are here).

NOTE: my stampin room is moving forward… but there's always a disaster before the project complete.  This is 110% disaster mode.  (okay, for a stamper – I'm sure you will understand and appreciate my disaster… this is an invitation to my 'before photo' in person…)

Happy Stampin,



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