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Emmi calls them Twisty Boxes

August 19, 2011

You all know how I deight in coming up with projects for you each month! Right???

I want to inspire you… I want you to use your products… I want you to enjoy your time and not whine about cutting (or coloring)… I want you to be proud of what you come home with each month… I want you to use our projects are a spring board for all the things you can make on your own… I want them a good balance of complex and 'less is more'/simply nice.. You get the picture. I DO think you of each time the design hat comes on. Speaking of thinking of you while designing… due to the above paragraph… this will NOT be one of our August projects! Ha!

IMG_2262[1]Very cute.. very yummy..


but I was whining as I made them…

If you feel up to the challenge – I'd love to play stamps with you one weekend and we can tackle this project together! It really isn't that bad once you've accomplished it once (and when we get together – I can help out).

I'm thinking perfect for a wedding or baby shower. (how about Shoebox?)

What do you think?

Happy Stampin,


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