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Pretty Flowers

May 9, 2011

I'm still celebrating my birthday… a month later… I have the BEST friends and family ever! Every time I turn around, there's a little something special from someone … Not always big things, but I don't need any big things… They are little thoughtful things! The every day things that just enhance being.

I received a few bunches of flowers… they are sooo pretty! These white ones were just pods (hum, I know I'm not going to word this post very well… ) When the first one opened, wow-wee… that's cool! I loved how white/bright they are against the dark/rich green leaves. My first thought is that I need to make a card with white, dark green (hum, does SU have one) and rust (those wabbally pollin thingies). Maybe some type of embossing…



IMG_1839 up right


Okay, and lilac colored tulips… they are just beautiful. It's probably best that I don't describe the caz they'll verbally end up … well, pictures are better the words…

IMG_1840 up right

IMG_1841 up right

Pretty, huh?



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